To Study the Science of Application of Dosage and Repetition of Doses in Acute Diseases

Author: Dr. Parth Aphale, Co-Author: Dr. Atul Rajgurav

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Dr. Parth Aphale

Dr. D.Y. Patil Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Pune



In the present revolution of modern higher antibiotics period giving instant results to the suffering humanity in various diseases with the gift of lot of side effects. Homoeopathy gives two steps ahead simple, medicine in required doses without side effects.

The credibility of homeopathic doctor depends upon his ability to manage acute diseases. In chronic cases we will get enough time for prescription. But the scenario is entirely different in acute diseases our prescription should be apt and correct not only with regards to similimum but also with the dosage with required repetitions otherwise patient may land up in further complications or can face aggravations.

I will be trying to elaborate the methodology upon which we can improve our performance in acute cases with very high success rate with limited failures as acute diseases are self-limiting disorders which have quick onsets, rapid progressions, and a tendency to develop an immediate crisis.

In this research project, every attempt has been made to clarify each component of dosage and repetition when it comes to acute dynamic diseases.

Keywords: Similimum, Acute Dynamic Disease, Dosage, Repetition, aggravations.


As we all know each symptom is important, to make the totality unique, but if the right dose is amiss, the similimum is incomplete.

The information present in this research is not a new one this is a genuine collection from the thousands of pages of our homeopathic philosophy. This work is like a drop from the ocean of knowledge gathered from the stalwarts, Hahnemann down till today. This research gives a brief conformation, verification of hard facts gathered from literature and experimentation.

The term Posology originates from Greek words ‘posos’ meaning ‘how much’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘study’. In homeopathy, Posology means the doctrine of dose of medicine. A homeopathic dose means the potency, quantity and form of medicine as well as repetition. As it is a very lengthy topic to explore, we will just focus on the potency selection part of Posology.

Homoeopathy is the scientific system based on the principle “similar similibus curentur”. Similimum is the basis of selection of remedy in homoeopathy. Dr. Hahnemann has correctly used the word Perceive in the 3rd aphorism which means to clearly understand, to apprehend with the mind & understanding and not merely look upon. If physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in the diseases, that is in every Individual case of disease (Knowledge of disease), if he clearly perceives what is Curative in medicine, that is in each individual medicine (Knowledge of medicinal powers), the recovery must take place, following application of a remedy. For cure to take place, along with a similimum, we need to repeat dose, as and when required. Hence, it is necessary to learn posology i.e. doctrine of dosage. [1]

“Scope of Homoeopathy in Acute Conjunctivitis in Children”               39-44

Dr.Rajkumar  S. Patil1, Dr. Mrs . Sujata  R.  Kamire2, Dr.Raviraj  K. Kumbhar3

1Principal & Professor  of  Dept. of  HMM

SJPES’S Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

2Professor & HOD, Dept. of MEDICINE

SJPES’S Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

3Professor & HOD, Dept. of  PAEDIATRICS

SJPES’S Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

Address for correspondence:

Dr.Rajkumar  S. Patil

SJPES’S Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416 003, India.

Cell no 9420778964



In a prospective study carried out to ascertain Scope of Homoeopathy in Acute Conjunctivitis, ninety-two cases were studied. As the immunity in children is low and the susceptibility in children is higher, hence children are more frequently attacked by the Acute Conjunctivitis. Homoeopathy has vast scope for the acute conditions. And it was seen that within a week maximum cases were treated successfully. The result shows that out of ninety two cases, eighty-nine cases recovered and its percentage is 96.14% & remaining three cases have not recovered. Thus we may conclude that Homoeopathy works instantly in acute conjunctivitis of children. The efficiency of Homoeopathy in the treatment of acute conjunctivitis in children is excellent and shows high success rate of eighty-nine out of ninety-two patients responding successfully to the treatment with no sign of recurrence in near future.

Key words: Scope, Homoeopathy, acute , conjunctivitis, children.


Homoeopathy has an immense scope in treating the acute conditions affected in children. The constitutional remedy should not be given during acute stage of disease, as it might prove hazardous. In acute stage of disease remedy should be selected only on the basis of acute totality .The acute totality includes the fixed generals expressed prior to or during the acute disease and uncommon characteristic symptoms. To know the uncommon peculiar characteristics symptoms the physician should have the knowledge of disease because all disease symptoms are common symptoms. Therefore, the acute totality is the sum total of characteristic particulars and altered generals. The constitutional medicine should be prescribed only after the acute crisis is overcome with the help of acute medicines in order to facilitate the individual to leave a quick uneventful convalescence.

A correct constitutional remedy is the best preventive against all infections. It is the fundamental in action. It is the perfect simillimum when it covers the totality of symptoms and other individualizing factors such as past and family history of the patient. Thus selected constitutional remedy is the most appropriate curative remedy. Constitutional medicines are useful in overcoming chronic diseases which have a constitutional basis. It removes the disease or disease tendency from the root and helps the child to adapt it’s maximum to the environment and helps the child to live with ease and comfort throughout its life.

For anyone dealing with health problems in children, homeopathy offers some excellent benefits. Most common problems experienced by the children  are fever, acute conjunctivitis,  cough & cold, dysentery & diarrohea, colic, insomnia, teething problems and vomiting. Hence the children affected with acute conjunctivitis is considered for the research.

Homoeopathy is advantageous over other systems of medicine in the cases of Eye problems.  Since it proves the ability to prevent and control the progress of the disease. The earlier the beginning of treatment, the better is the chance for complete recovery.

To ascertain the totality of symptoms for selection of medicine in each case, the etiological factors, mental & physical generals, concomitants, characteristic particulars, and miasmatic background is taken into consideration. After analysis & evaluation of symptoms we arrive at a definite conclusion of psora is the basic taint responsible for present manifestations. Because inflammation of conjunctiva is basically caused due to a Bacterial or viral infection, Allergic reactions & Chemical Irritations. And symptoms presented by the patients were all functional, the “Pink-eye” can occur in any age either in the form of individual, Epidemic, or Endemic Disease.

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