Why Dr. Hahnemann had to Discover a New, Unique, Latest Technological Method for the Preparation of Medicines and their Administration to the Patients? 55-60

Author: Ramanlal P. Patel

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Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel
Dr. R. P. Patel Institute for Research & Education in Homoeopathy.

I am having a fear. Fear of what? What and why I am writing and reporting documented(ing) cases with reports (Laboratory & Medical Imaging Technology such as CT, CT-PT, MRI, etc.) on Homoeopathy, shall be correct and people of other system of medicine and even homoeopaths will believe and accept the results I got in cancer patients with Homoeopathy. Let me see. I hope homoeopathic community will find out the truth. These are my clinical experiences and examples by the latest, anew, unique Technology discovered by Dr. Hahnemann for the preparation of medicines and administration of medicines to patients, which are given in the 6 th edition of ORGANON OF MEDICINE. Science gives you definiteness and certainty. Homoeopathy is having definiteness and certainty (1, footnote 106 to Para 145). Its application may bring you failures if not properly applied and success if rightly applied. It is a joyful experience when it gives results if it is rightly applied. You will see that unreal thinking becomes real. There is blissful joy of realisation of God like. The joy of God realisation is boundless, unceasing so it is with rightly applied Homoeopathy.

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