Utility of Mental Generals in Homoeopathic Management of Infertility in Females

Utility of Mental Generals in Homoeopathic Management of Infertility in Females

(Advancements in Homeopathic Research, Vol. 6 No.4, November 2021-February 2022, Date of Publication 2021/11/1, Pages no. 28-30)

Vijay Dabhade1, Vyshnavi2 , Shaikh Hajra Tahesin3 , Mangesh Devaskar4
1Principal, P.D. Jain HMC Parbhani (MS)
2P. G. Student at P. D. Jain HMC Parbhani (MS)
3P. G. Teacher at P. D. Jain HMC Parbhani (MS)
4Lecturer in dept of organon at P. D. Jain HMC
Parbhani (MS)

Address for correspondence:
Dr. Vijay Dabhade
P.D. Jain Homoeopathic Medical College
Hospital & Post Graduate Institute
Vakil Colony, Parbhani – 431401

Fertility is the basis for continuation of life and is an existential necessity. Parenthood is the basic need of married couples. Infertility is a worldwide problem today and growing day by day. Female infertility is a major concern amongst infertility cases and is having multiple factors as aetiology. In modern medicine, the mode of treatment in such cases are invasive and involve greater risks on women’s health. It constitutes major social, psychological and economical burden among the married couples. In Homoeopathy constitutional as well as holistic approach is basis for prescription in such cases. As the females suffering from same patholological symptoms present with most common symptoms, but those pertaining to mind will form characteristic uncommon symptom which enable physician to understand the life situation and help him in building a complete psychosomatic picture and finally help in making proper anamnesis which will pave way for attaining female fertility in harmless and as early as possible. An experimental observational study was conducted on 30 subjects who were diagnosed previously for female infertility are observed for efficacy of homoeopathy medicines selected with importance given up on mental generals. Proper statistical tests are applied after the conduct of study and conclusions will be drawn.

Keywords: Female infertility, Homoeopathy, constitution, holistic, mental generals, anamnesis, experimental observational, statistical tests.