Silica for Nocturnal Enuresis

Silica for Nocturnal Enuresis

(Advancements in Homeopathic Research, Vol. 6 No. 1, February 2021-April 2021, Date of Publication 2021/02/1, Pages no. 62-65)

Vilas Satpute1, Anoop Nigwekar2

1Physician, Shree Mahalaxmi Hospital, Kolhapur. MS. M.D.(HOM.) (PaeD).

2Prof. & HOD – Repertory, MLDMHI, Palghar, MS.

MD (Hom), MBA, Adv. Dip, Mgmt

Address for Correspondance:

Dr. Vilas Satpute,

Physician, Shree Mahalaxmi Hospital, Plot No 216, Hanuman Nagar, A/P Shiye, Tal- Karveer, Kolhapur, Maharashtra



Homoeopathic paediatrics is the emerging field of homoeopathy. As a homoeopathic paediatric physician our aim should be to restore the sick children to health, to cure as early as possible. In this case series we wish to present the scope of Homoeopathic medicine in Nocturnal enuresis. This common paediatric condition is not life threatening but it develops some psychological and emotional stress in the children suffering from primary nocturnal enuresis.

Enuresis is defined as voluntary or involuntary repeated discharge of urine in cloths or on bed after developmental age when bladder control should have.