Septated Ovarian Mass Restored to Normal by Homoeopathic Treatment

Author:Partha Pratim Pal[1], Puja Bhakta[2]

[1]Research Officer (H)/S-1, Rri (H), Tripura
Under Central Council For Research In Homoeopathy
[2]BHMS (Hons)
National Institute Of Homoeopathy, Kolkata
Address for correspondence
Dr. Partha Pratim Pal
Under Central Council For Research In Homoeopathy


An ovarian cyst with septation needs a special discussion as based on the thickness of septa chances of it being malignant is assessed. Studies reveal that septated cystic ovarian masses without solid areas or papillary projections have low risk of malignancy and can be followed sonographically without surgery. A young girl complained of pain in lower abdomen in the left iliac region for the last 6 months. USG (ultrasonography) of lower abdomen stated – ‘Right ovarian cyst (5.51 x 4.33 cm) with multiple septation’. She opted for homoeopathy treatment and came to OPD on 13.12.16. After analysing the symptoms of the case, the characteristic mental and physical generals and particular symptoms were considered for framing the totality. Miasmatic evaluation of all the presenting symptoms was also done which showed the predominance of psoric miasm with sycotic adulteration. After repertorisation, Thuja was prescribed as it scored the highest of all the drugs and also covering maximum number of symptoms. Follow-up USG was done on 11.07.17 which revealed a normal ovarian mass. Irrespective of the peculiarities in this particular case i.e. cyst with septation and left sided pain of a right sided pathology, restoration of normal ovarian echo-texture was another success story in list of homoeopathic efficacies.

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