Research Protocol: An Insight

Author: Dr Ankit Dubey

*Professor & HOD, Dept. of H.M.M.

Solan Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital

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Dr Ankit Dueby

Solan Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital, Barog bypass, Kumarhatti, Solan (H.P.) -173229,

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This article attempts to provide baseline information for all the Homoeopathic graduates and research scholars about the preparation of  research protocol in health research sector. It also motivates the researchers to develop a habit of writing the research protocol.

Research is a systemic process of collection, analysis and interpretation of data which involves a team work of the investigators, laboratory, and field staff, the statistician, the institution in which the research is carried out, those who provide the finances, the participants and their community.

The one who is going to represent a fact or going to add a new knowledge to the existing facts through the research process has to lay down certain steps to accomplish this target. The systemic arrangement of these steps in order to increase the chance that the conclusions drawn from the research will be scientifically sound is a research protocol and the summary in a fixed format is a synopsis.

A research protocol should be self explanatory to the study questions and objectives, study design, methods, strengths and limitations, ethical considerations, expected outcome budget.

Key Words:

Health research, Data, Protocol, Synopsis, Study design, Methods, Ethical consideration.

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