Miasmatic Study of Cervical Spondylosis

Author: Dr. Sandeep S. Narwadkar[1], Dr. Manjusha A. Joshi[2], Dr. Rajkumar S. Patil[3], Dr. Mangesh Jatkar[4]


[2]Professor/P.G. Coordinator

[3]Principal / Professor ,  SJPES HMC,  Kolhapur

[4]Professor/ HOD of Dept. Hom. Materia Medica,

Dapoli HMC, Dapoli

Address for correspondence;

Dr. Sandeep S. Narwadkar

P.D. Jain Hom. Med.College, Parbhani


Chronic cervical spondylosis is very common now a days due to the lifestyle most people lead. Well diagnosed cases of Cervical Spondylosis have been treated at P.D. Jain Homoeopathic Medical College, Parbhani, (M S). Cases of Cervical spondylosis was treated along with miasmatic background where many of the degenerative changes are completely recovered.

Selection of medicine was done on totality and by repertorizing rubrics obtained from Life space investigation , signs & symptoms with special emphasis on miasmatic background,  antimiasmatic medicine was prescribed and dispensed in different potencies. Follow up  of the cases was done and repetition was based on the response of the patient for the first prescription.

Keywords:- Cervical Spondylosis, Miasm, Psora, Syphilis , Sycosis and Totality of Symptoms.

Background and Objective

Study is carried out on miasmatic approach in Cervical Spondylosis  with efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicine.  Main object of study was to evaluate the miasmatic background in the management of Cervical Spondylosis to find out similimum.

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