Is Cancer Within Your Body? May Be, Yes!

Author: Ramanlal P. Patel

D.M.S.(Cal), D.F.Hom (London), L.M. (Dublin).

Director- Dr. R.P.Patel Institute of Homoeopathy,

Subhanpura, Vadodara, INDIA.


Cancer, a sleeping monster, a silent enemy, a tormentor, a terrorizer is always present in human body and even in animal life and you have to live with it as long as you can. You cannot live in this century and years to come without diseases and death. Any time or day in your life when you wake up in the morning with pain anywhere in the body (Chest, mouth, abdomen, head, extremities, etc.) and/or you find, a swelling, a lump, a boil, pustule, a small ulceration with itching and bleeding with burning, pains in the bone(s), etc., you have the chance to end up with that sleeping monster; Cancer. All depends on many factors, exciting or maintaining causes, so-called carcinogens, carcinogenic food, agents – smoking, chewing tobacco, chemicals, circumstances and even genetically in your life.

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