Integrating Homoeopathy in Main Stream Medicine.

Author: Dr Maneesha Solanki[1], Dr. Shraddha Tendulkar[2]

A Case of Cancer of Pyriform Sinus and its Management with Homoeopathy


Prof. & HOD of Practice of Medicine and Medical Superintendent, Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune

[2]SMO, NMRMH Hospital, Pune

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Dr Maneesha Solanki

Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune


A case report of Diagnosed case of Cancer of pyriform sinus, willing to take homoeopathic treatment as primary line of treatment and was attending our teaching homoeopathic hospital for the period of two years i.e. from February 2013 to December  2014 is reported in this study

The plan of treatment we applied to this case followed the principles of the system i.e. a thorough homoeopathic case taking for individualisation and assessing the susceptibility of the patient to ongoing pathology and choosing a most indicated remedy in appropriate potency which either was Acute, Chronic, Constitutional or Anti miasmatic Inter current remedy as per requirement of the case.

Auxiliary treatment is the part and parcel of general nursing care which included acute measures like fluid electrolyte balance, nutritional support, oxygen therapy as per the need and long term measures like diet and regimen, bedsore management if any, counselling of patient and their closed ones, and many more intangible things and actions of the hospital personnel involved in the treatment of the case which cannot be measured but have an impact on the overall improvement of the patient were taken.

During the course of homoeopathic intervention patient showed steady improvement, had less difficulty in swallowing both liquids and solid food; had gained weight; his anxiety and fear had resolved. His vital signs were stable, the progression of disease was considerably under control for a long period of almost 2 years, as suggested clinically and corroborated with investigational findings. Patient was quiet comfortable and stable till the end. On 2nd December 2014 however he succumbed and died peacefully as he did not allow any intervention even as a supportive line of treatment.

Key Words

Pyriform sinus, primary palliative intervention, Individualized Homoeopathic treatment .


Today cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, over all socio-economic classes. It is evident that many cancer patients use alternative treatment to the conventional medical care as an adjuvant line of treatment due to the nature and prognosis of the disease.

Homoeopathy as a primary treatment modality for cancer cases is rather uncommon. The philosophical basis of homoeopathic treatment encompasses holistic approach and is patient oriented treatment rather than the disease based. Individualization of the patients suffering from the same disease in the treatment is the corner-stone of the homoeopathic management. Therefore, not only cell type, location and size of tumor, extent of disease, but physiologic and psychological status and expressed needs and desires of the patient are the main factors that would determine treatment strategy and modality of treatment adopted for a particular individual suffering from cancer while treating through homoeopathy.

Cancer being progressive in pathology and heterogeneous in nature, possesses a big challenge for its management. Our role while approaching and managing this case was purely palliative, irrespective of what stage patient had come and with what expectations they had.

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