Homoeopathic Medicines and Breath vs Blood Alcohol Analysis

Author: Rajesh Barve1[1], Parizad Damania[2], Rakesh Gupta[3], Prachi Singh[4], Satish Kulkarni[5]

[1]Associate Professor

Smt C.M.P.H. Medical College, Dept. of Repertory, Mumbai


Smt. C.M.P..Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai.

[3]Associate Professor, Head of Dept. of Forensic Medicine,Smt  C.M.P.H. Medical College, Mumbai

[4]Assistant Professor, Dept of Forensic Medicine ,

Smt C.M.P.H. Medical College,Mumbai

[5]Senior Pharmaceutical Consultant ,

Researcher, Mumbai,

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Dr. Rajesh Barve

C.M.P.Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai

10-11 , Mangalmurti, Mahant road (ext), Vileparle (east), Mumbai 400057.

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Abstract :

Drinking and driving is an offence. Every country has set its own norms for permissible level of alcohol in the blood for safe driving. Homeopathic Medicines are Hydro Alcoholic, alcohol percentage varies from 40 – 90 percent.

Purpose of this study is whether consumption of  different forms of homoeopathic medicines alter the breath and blood alcohol levels and whether it exceeds the permissible safe limit for driving.

This study was conducted at C. M. P. Homoeopathic  Medical College in  May -July2018 on 30 individuals with different forms of Homoeopathic medicines. Breath and Blood alcohol levels after homoeopathic medicines were estimated.

After mother tincture and freshly prepared globules Breath alcohol levels are found higher than permissible level for short time of 1-5 minutes, but blood alcohol levels were not elevated.

20 drops of mother tincture and medicated globules can’t cause drunk driving.

Key words : Homoeopathic medicines, breath alcohol, blood alcohol, breath analyzer,

Alcohol Dehydrogenase (UV ) method.