Create Your Own Blog Style

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Welcome to the POWER of Essential Grid

Essential Grid is the latest stunning plugin for wordpress by our friends over at ThemePunch, the creators of the most popular wordpress slideshow, Slider Revolution.

Essential Grid is an all-in-one plugin that allows you to create stunning grid based blogs and portfolios, with an unlimited number of styling and layout possibilities.
The plugin comes with tons of pre-defined options and also gives you the ability to design and edit your very own styles and layouts with the easy to use ‘Grid Settings’ and ‘Skin Editor’.

CMS Superheroes work closely with ‘Theme Punch’ and we have the honour of being one of the first wordpress themes to have the Essential Grid plugin included with this theme download.

Quickly and easily define your portfolios and blog styles within a matter of minutes.

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Watch how quickly and easily we created some of the styles available in
The Pro Business Theme

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Another video from our friends at Theme Punch

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