Autism Spectrum Disorder (Grievance of Gene)

Author: Pranab Mallik

Dr. Pranab Mallik, B.H.M.S,  Kolkata, Regd  – 27018

Autism Spectrum Disorder

(Grievance of Gene)

Dedicated to my Father Late Mr. Bidhu Bhusan Mallik.




This rendering of mine is about restoring back the normal, healthy, colourful life to the autistic children. Based on my meticulous and conscientious studying of all available hypotheses and contradictions and some satisfactory result after applying homeopathic medicines in this cases – I have rendered this.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behaviour.

Difficulty with communication and interaction with other people. Restricted interest and repetative behaviours. Symptoms that hurt the person’s ability to function properly in school, work and other areas of life. (>topics)

After a comprehensive observation, it can be realised that Autistic child does not ‘understand’ simple word. So, how can she be obedient or mindful? That’s why she does not listen to us, obey us, does not make eye-contact with people of rest of the world.

So, if we co-relate the word ‘understanding’ with the definition of Autism, it will be more convenient to the readers.