A Case Report of Chronic Facial Urticaria and Homoeopathy

A Case Report of Chronic Facial Urticaria and Homoeopathy

(Advancements in Homeopathic Research, Vol. 6 No.3, August 2021-October 2021, Date of Publication 2021/08/1, Pages no. 61-65)

Biplab Kumar Das1, Ajoy Kumar Mondal2
1 BHMS(CU), MD (Repertory from WBUHS)
2MD (Hom. from NIH)
Medical Officer (RBSK) Under Govt. of West Bengal
Balli Jagcha Rural Hospital, Jagadishpur, Kona, Howrah, West Bengal.
Address for correspondence:

Dr. Biplab Kumar Das
Vill- Joypur, PO- Ashakanthi, Distt.- Jhargram
Mob.:993369452 Email : biplabd3@gmail.com

Urticaria is a type of local dermal inflammation of skin disease. Urticaria is a multifatorial cause such as insect bites or food, food additives, insect bites, psychogenic, physical factors or some drugs. Homoeopathy has an effective treatment for a skin disease which includes urticaria. Selection of the medicine based on the individual symptoms of the patient.

Cases summary: This is a case of a patient was suffering from chronic facial urticaria having redness, itching, and swelling of face. The patients were prescribed indicated constitutional Homoeopathic medicines. Individualised homoeopathic medicine Rhus toxicodendron was prescribed in centesimal potency which showed a positive role in the treatment of chronic facial urticaria. Within five months urticaria on face was annihilated. There was no recurrence over the next near about 2 years.

Keywords: Chronic facial urticaria, Homoeopathy, Rhus toxicodendron, multifactorial.