A Case of Large Cystic Hygroma

Author: Dr. Girish Gupta

*Chief Consultant

Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research

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Present Complaints

A male child Mast. K. S. (Regn. No.: K-02007) 1 year old was brought to our clinic on 17/2/2014 for consultation by his parents from Navi Mumbai for the treatment of huge, painless, cystic swelling on right side of neck since birth. It started increasing  a span of one month.

Clinical Findings

Large, cystic, non-tender swelling palpable on the  right side of neck disfiguring the shape of face.

Life space

It was very difficult to take history of one-year-old child. During interrogation, the mother disclosed that the child was obstinate and had tendency to catch cold. He also had profuse sweating especially on the scalp. Starting during sleep was the other marked symptom. No other subjective or objective symptoms were found. (Photographs taken).

On the basis of whatever little information obtained from the mother, following rubrics were taken for repertorisation.

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