Ultrasonographically Documented Response in a Case of Ovarian Cyst: A Case Report

Author: Abhiram Banerjee[1], D. Basu[2]

[1]Formerly: PGT,Practice of Medicine, NIH
Currently:Research Associate (H), CCRH

Address for correspondence;
Dr. Abhiram Banerjee
Research Associate (H), CCRH
E-mail: abhirambnrj@gmail.com

Keywords: Ovarian cyst, Bulky uterus, Homoeopathy, Natrum muriaticum,
Ultrasonography, HOM-CASE

A case of follicular cyst in left ovary together with bulky uterus having ultrasonographic documentation of improvement of both the problems simultaneously after treatment is presented. The basis of prescription and details of periodic assessment are provided. The likelihood of improvement attributable to homoeopathic treatment is also discussed. The ‘take-away’ lesson from the case is homoeopathic treatment is capable to reverse the pathological changes, even in minimum dose, if the prescription is done strictly following the basic principles of Homoeopathy.