The Impact of Homoeopathy on Thyroid Health: A Case Series

The Impact of Homoeopathy on Thyroid Health: A Case Series
(Advancements in Homeopathic Research, Vol. 9 No.2, May 2024-July 2024, Date of Publication 2024/05/01, Pages no. 48-53 ISSN : 2456-3668 (Print) // EISSN : 2583-5661 (Online) DOI : 10.48165/ ahr.2024.9.2.8)

Dr. Rajendra Acharya1, Dr. Neeta Sharma2, Dr. Rajesh Kumawat3, Dr. Iitika Khatri4
1Senior Medical Officer, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
2Associate Professor and HOD, Dept. Of Surgery, University College of Homoeopathy, Kekri, Raj., India
3Associate Professor and HOD, Dept. Of Physiology and Biochemistry, University College of Homoeopathy, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
4Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, University College of Homoeopathy, Kekri, Rajasthan, India
Corresponding Author:
Dr. Neeta Sharma
University College of Homoeopathy, Kekri, Rajasthan, India

Objectives: The condition known as hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not create enough thyroid hormone. Among women, it is the second most prevalent endocrine condition. Radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, and autoimmune diseases including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are common causes. Hypothyroidism can cause infertility, abnormal menstruation, weight gain, changes in cognition, and exhaustion. Thyroid stimulating hormone is used to assess thyroid problems because it is extremely sensitive to thyroid malfunction. The traditional approach to treating hypothyroidism involves monotherapy with levothyroxine. In addition to conventional medicine, homoeopathy can be used to treat hypothyroidism.

Methods: The three cases in this series had symptoms of hypothyroidism, which were carefully assessed and treated with individualized homoeopathic medicines throughout a range of time periods. To determine if the patients had improved, thyroid stimulating hormone levels were assessed.

Result: Both the pathological results and the clinical symptoms showed a noticeable improvement.

Conclusion: This set of cases demonstrates that hypothyroidism can be treated with homoeopathic intervention.

Keywords: Hypothyroidism, Homoeopathy, Individualized.

ISSN – 2456-3668 (P) * EISSN – 2583-5661 (O) * VOL. 9 NO. 2 May 2024-July 2024 (pp 48-53.) DOI : 10.48165/ahr.2024.9.2.8