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Homeopathy is a form of medicine based on treating with likes? Its popularity with the public and credibility with health professionals has increased rapidly as a result of clinical trials demonstrating its efficacy. To improve homeopathic practice the results of these clinical trials should be disseminated.

Advancements in Homeopathic Research, A Print Quarterly Homeopathic Research Journal brings to light the results of latest research work, clinical studies and studies done at personal levels to the people as well as Homeopathic physicians around the world.

Advancements in Homeopathic Research aims to promote and publish research work in homeopathy and make it available to the masses at large.

The journal provides:

-Latest research work on homoeopathy

-Documented evidence of efficacy of homoeopathic treatment in treating many diseases

-A platform for dissemination of information on latest research and clinical trials

-A wider and proper dissemination of research information.

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February 2019-April 2019

Vol. 4 No. 1

“An Attempt to Understand the Relation Between the Cause and Effect in Homoeopathic Prescribing through a Clinical Case Report”
Dr. Pawan Sharma, Dr. Tanya Aggarwal T, Dr. Hanuman Ram, Dr. Supriya Pramanik

Evidence Based Clinical Study in Cases of Essential Hypertension in

Response to Homoeopathic Treatment in LM Potency
Dr. R.R. Karthikeyan, Dr. Ashok Bhinda

Complementary Individualised Homoeopathy for Type-ii Diabetics – A Randomised  Controlled Study
Dr. Bhasker Sharma

Curcuma Longa – A Review
Dr. A.T. Senthilkumar

Dr. Kent’s  12 Observations & Dr. Hahnemann’s Observations.

“Remedy Reactions” Who Observed First? When, How and Why? Any Solutions?
Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel

A Systematic Review of Homoeopathic Researches Comparing the Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines in LM Potency vis-à-vis Centesimal Potency Scale.
Dr. Ruchi Singh, Dr. Atul Kumar Singh, Dr. Jaya Gupta

“Evidence Based Study to Percieve Explicitness of Homoeopathy in Bronchial Asthma
Dr. Hitarth N. Mehta

Homoeopathy for Warts– A Case Report
Sunil Thomas, Ankita Upadhyay, Chirag Mishra

Going back to the Nature – Healthy Foods Diary of a Sportsman
Dr. Anmol Arora

A Prospective Observational Study–Role of Lm Potency in Managing Cases of Urticaria
Dr. Rakesh Gohel